Transforming Learning

Your Pathway To Personalized and Adaptive Learning

What is Global Tutoring Hub?

Global Tutoring Hub is a Barbadian startup focused on transforming learning in Barbados, the Caribbean and the World. Our aim is simply to make learning delivery more effective though increased user engagement, personalization and adaptability, and the use of the right technology.

Transforming Learning

What if we could revolutionize the way we deliver education? What if we could change the methods to be personalized, adaptive, responsive and offer each user a unique experience tailored to their need? Our aim is to do this through Podium – our personalized and adaptive learning platform.

What is PODIUM?

PODIUM is an integrated adaptive learning platform that delivers personalized course content and a user expereince to match the users specific learning styles.

  Podium focusses on delivery content for Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic and Mixed learning styles.


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Expand Your Reach

 Offer your courses to a wider audience and deliver your courses anywhere, anytime on any device. Todays users want to learn, but they also want learning to fit their life. Offer courses using the devices that your uses use as a part of their everyday living and at a time and location that is convenient to them. Go beyond the confines of your island, your country, your region, your hemisphere. Take your quality courses to the world by offering them to learners online around the globe.

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Reduce Per User Cost

We work with Learning Institutions to offer their courses outside of the physical class room environment. We expand your reach beyond the physical confines of a class reducing your cost per user without the physical outlay for capital works and increase cost associated with new buildings, more staffing, etc. We expand your reach beyond the physical confines of a class or building to the user in their own environment, at a cost that benefits both the learner and the learning institution.  

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Increase Profitability

For Learning Instutions, we offer the ability to keep the quality and increase the quantity. By offer your quality courses online, the Learning Institution sees what was previously fixed revenue increase to potentially unlimted revenue at a reduced cost of delivery. Why not increase the overall profittablity of your Learning Institution while also fulfilling the mandate to offer quality education. As we seek to transform learning, we also want to use a model that makes sense for all the parties involved. Get Online Today!!!

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Our Team

When you put a group of people together with a common vision, that makes a real team. Our common goal is our focus on transforming learning. It’s personal to us. To do this we have pull together a team that’s passionate about making transformational learning a reality for all. With expertise in education, business, content creation, design, administration and platform delivery – makes quite a team! Meet Team Global Tutoring Hub (GTH)…

Michael Husbands


Mr. Husbands spent 15 years’ working for Cable and Wireless Barbados including 3 years as a QA Specialist. For the last 6 years  he was a full time entrepreneur. He was the CEO of Blue Apple a regional technology company and TelSeven Solutions Inc. a local FTTH contracting company. Mr. Husbands holds a BSc. in Computer Science and Management from UWI Cave Hill in Barbados.

Sean Ifill

Head of Smart Content

Mr. Sean Ifill brings leadership to course design and strategy, marketing coordination, and technology and brand strategy.  He studied graphic design at the Barbados Community College where he won the inaugural Award of Excellence and went on to further his studies at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design (now UCA) in the UK where he received his Masters in Arts in Design Management.

Silvana Joseph-Husbands

Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Silvana Joseph-Husbands is an experienced administrator having worked the last 4 years with Blue Apple in Barbados, the Caribbean and the USA. Having worked as an administrator in several start-ups, small to medium size businesses, she is well versed in the key administrative processes and procedures needed to effectively create, execute and optimize a business.

Justin Blackman

Head of Platform Delivery and Infrastructure

Mr. Justin Blackman is the newest member of the team and is our resident tech guru. Justin has a BSc. in Computer Science, BSc. in Applied Mathematics and Masters in Operation Research from Florida Institute of Technology. His primary experience is in database design, system modelling and data analysis, developing artificial intelligence, communications and networking algorithms.

Latest News

Find out what the Global Tutoring Hub team has been  up to lately

GTH is in the Ten Habitat Hybrid Accelerator

Team GTH was accepted to the TEN (The Entrepreneurship Network) Hybrid Accelerator in July 2017. This 8 month program is designed to make startups investor ready. Here is the team[…]

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July 17, 2017 0

GTH chosen as Finalist for Caribbean Innovation Competition 2017

The GTH Team was chosen as finalist in the YABT Caribbean Innovation Competition held June 17th to 19th in Cancun Mexico in 2017

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June 20, 2017 0

GTH selected as semi-finalist for Pitch It! Caribbean 2017

Global Tutoring Hub was selected as a semi-finalist for Pitch It! Caribbean held June 12th to 16th in St. Kitts

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June 17, 2017 0

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