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Traditional education failing you?

Have you or anyone you know struggled with traditional forms of education and the methods used to deliver learning? You are not alone. We offer a different approach. We are here to provide you and your learning institution the support needed to make online learning effective by providing extra support and personalized attention. We offer this via our online learning platform called Podium.

Our Focus: Student Success!

Through the Podium online learning platform, we seek to improve learning outcomes by offering a personalized and adaptive learning experience unique to each user.  We start with assessments, which give insight to where the user is on their learning journey. This is followed with continous and summative assessments along the way. We ensure each user is provided with differentiated content and a pathway that leads to subject mastery. Our focus is to see learners succeed.

Better Learning Outcomes

Personalized and adaptive learning has been used to create truly personalized advanced learning outcomes. With a focus on ensuring every person reaches true mastery in the shortest amount of time, the results have shown the following:

  • 30% Improvement in Retained Learning per Hour of Study
  • 11% less study time
  • 22% less test time
  • 20 – 30% higher test scores

Are you a Learning Institution, NGO, Business or Goverment looking for better learning outcomes?

Make Your Learning Management System (LMS) Personalized and Adaptive

Do you already use Moodle, Canvas, Black Board, etc.?  Using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) we make it simple for you to offer a personalized and adaptive Learning Experience.

We work with Learning Institutions, NGOs and Governments to provide differentiated learning via our adaptivity engine. Use your existing LMS or use ours, as you offer a unique experience to each user and see your completion rates, average scores and user satisfaction improve. One size does not fit all and we can help you provide the differentiated learning that your users need and deserve.


Data Analytics

Take action based on realtime data. Use predictive analysis for predicting future outcomes and behaviour. Easily identify trends through trend analysis and identify areas of weakness. Use data to make SMART decisions. 


Support Tools

 Its in the toolkit because we are focused on better outcomes. Get access to the following: 
– Early Alert Systems
– Student Advice and Recommendations
– Adaptive Learning Systems
 – Cognitive Tutoring  Services
And so much more…

What Our Clients Say

Here is what some of our customers had to say about Podium.

“We wanted to take The Power of Choice workbook online, making it personalized and dynamic. Podium was easily the best choice for us.”

Errol Griffith
CEO – The Power of Choice

“Our goal is to offer students who cannot make it to classes the opportunity to complete their courses. Podium provided  a personalized approach for our students.”

Sandra Boyce
Registrar – CoG Leadership Institute

“We were looking to offer our courses locally, regionally and internationally, and Podium offered us the best solution to start small and grow, while improving overall results.”

Sharie McGeary
Tutor – PBHC Clinic & School

Our Team

When you put a group of people together with a common vision, that makes a real team. Our common goal is our focus on transforming learning. It’s personal to us. To do this, we have pulled together a team that’s passionate about making transformational learning a reality for all. With expertise in education, business, content creation, design, administration and platform delivery –  this makes for quite a team! Meet Team Global Tutoring Hub (GTH)!

Michael Husbands


Mr. Husbands spent 15 years working for Cable and Wireless (Barbados) including 3 years as a Quality Assurance Specialist. For the last 6 years, he has been a full time entrepreneur. He was also the CEO of Blue Apple, a Caribbean technology company and TelSeven Solutions Inc. – a Barbadian FTTH contracting company. Mr. Husbands holds a BSc. in Computer Science and Management from the UWI Cave Hill in Barbados.

Sean Ifill

Head of Smart Content

Mr. Sean Ifill brings leadership to course design and strategy, marketing coordination, and technology and brand strategy to Team GTH.  He studied graphic design at the Barbados Community College where he won the inaugural Award of Excellence and went on to further his studies at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design (now UCA) in the UK where he received his Masters of Arts in Design Management.

Silvana Joseph-Husbands

Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. Silvana Joseph-Husbands is an experienced administrator having worked for 4 years with Blue Apple in Barbados, the Caribbean and the USA. Having worked as an administrator for several start-ups and small to medium size businesses, she is well versed in key administrative processes and procedures needed to effectively create, execute and optimize a business.

Dario Thornhill

Head of Platform Delivery and Infrastructure

Mr. Dario Thornhill is the newest member of the team and is the resident tech guru. Dario brings a wealth of knowledge in building scalable platforms in enterprise environments, having worked with local, regional and global companies delivering services via online platforms. Dario’s skillset includes Web Applications Development, Cloud Solution Engineering and Software Engineering.

Latest News

Find out what the Global Tutoring Hub team has been up to lately! We are always looking for opportunities to engage our customers or working to find partners that have the same focus as we do – Transforming Learning.

GTH Pitches to a “Shark” – Sept 2020

Barbados has powered into the finals of the Sustainable Development Movement (SDM) Summit’s Business Model Competition! Michael Husbands of Global Tutoring Hub pitched his business model successfully at the Competition’s[…]

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September 30, 2020 0

GTH graduates from the Design Terminal Social Impact Accelerator in Hungary – 30th Jan 2020

Team GTH has successfully completed the Design Terminal Autumn Cohort. Both Sean Ifill and Dario Thornhill spent the months of October to January in Budapest, Hungary improving our product, team[…]

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October 1, 2019 0

GTH places 2nd in C.T.E.P. 2019 Validation Competition – May 16th 2019

The results are in and Global Tutoring Hub has placed second (2nd) in the Validation Cohort for the Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurship Programme

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May 19, 2019 0

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